I’m currently an Algorithm Engineer at Beacon Biosignals. I’m also somewhat active in the open source Julia world; I’m ericphanson on GitHub.

Previously, I was a PhD student in the Department of Applied Math and Theoretical Physics at Cambridge University, supervised by Dr. Nilanjana Datta and Dr. Yan Pautrat. My thesis is available on the arXiv, arxiv:2010.02408.

In my academic life, I worked on problems in quantum statistical mechanics and quantum information theory; see here for my recent work.

I also made a video introducing quantum information theory (though it’s mostly just about information theory):

Many thanks to falcxne for allowing use of his songs “Said You Wouldn’t Change” (from the album Timbits III), “I Hate Homework (Interlude)” (from Timbits II) and “NYC (Interlude)” (from Timbits III); you can find these and more at https://falcxne.bandcamp.com/. And thanks to Phillipe Faist for creating the entropy zoo and allowing me to use it in the video. For more details on the continuity bounds mentioned, you can find a preprint here, which is joint work with my supervisor, Dr. Nilanjana Datta.