[1]  Dropbox/SRK_essay.pdf   (Winter 2018; 54 pages)
Extrema in majorization order with applications to entropic continuity bounds

An essay submitted in the competition for a Smith-Knight or Rayleigh-Knight prize. This essay combines my work on uniform continuity bounds (arXiv:1707.04249) with that on local continuity bounds (arXiv:1706.02212), and unifies the notation. Abstract: “Majorization is a pre-order of vectors, giving a sense in which one vector can be said to be more disordered than another. Two given vectors, however, may be incomparable. This concept has been extended

[2]  Dropbox/LP_RIS_thesis.pdf   (April 2016; 84 pages)
Landauer's Principle in Repeated Interaction Systems

My masters thesis; essentially, an expanded version of most of arXiv:1510.00533, in my own words. The abstract: “Landauer’s Principle states that there is a lower bound on the energy required to change the state of a small system from an initial state to a final state by interacting with a thermodynamic reservoir;