[1]  Github/CombinatoricsNotes.pdf   (Winter 2016; 90 pages)
Combinatorics Notes

Extremal combinatorics: Sperner systems, the Littlewood-Offord problem, intersecting hypergraphics, compression, Turan type problems, Ramsey theory, convexity, incidence problems, and algebraic methods. Contribute typo fixes here.

[2]  Dropbox/ExistenceAndUniquenessOfHaarMeasure.pdf   (Fall 2014; 11 pages)
The existence and uniqueness of the Haar Measure

“The Haar measure allows integration over topological groups,

[3]  Dropbox/BlackHoleInformationParadox.pdf   (Winter 2014; 9 pages)
The black hole information paradox

“The black hole information paradox concerns the intersection of quantum mechanics and general relativity,

[4]  Dropbox/Analysis_3_Fall_2013_notes.pdf   (Fall 2013; 128 pages)
Math 354 Honours Analysis 3 Notes

Introduction to metric spaces, topological spaces.

[5]  Dropbox/NonlocalGamesAndCommunicationComplexity.pdf   (Winter 2013; 16 pages)
Non-local games and communication complexity

“Synthesizing some of the literature on non-local games and communication complexity scenarios provides a deeper understanding of the fundamental differences