[1]  vimeo/251537549   (November 2017, 3:27 minutes)
Quantum Information Theory

Winning entry for the 2017 CCIMI video contest. Video:

[2]  Dropbox/EntropyLCBslides_May17   (May 2017, 7 slides)
Local continuity bounds for entropies of finite probability distributions

A presentation on my work with my supervisor Nilanjana Datta on local continuity bounds for the entropies of finite distributions, presented at the one-day event High Dimensional Mathematics. These are the slides I gave accompanying my short talk, the video of which is here.

[3]  Dropbox/Autrans_talk_LP_in_RIS_2016   (July 2016, 34 slides)
Landauer’s Principle in Repeated Interaction Systems

The slides for the talk I gave at the Autrans summer school Stochastic Methods in Quantum Mechanics on my work with Alain Joye, Yan Pautrat, and Renaud Raquepas on Landauer’s Principle in repeated interaction systems.

[4]  Dropbox/LandauerRISWaterloo2016.pdf   (Winter 2016; 31 slides)
Landauer's Principle in RIS

Slides for a talk I gave to the Physics of Information lab at Waterloo, February 2016, about Landauer’s Principle in Repeated Interaction Systems. Based on the preprint arxiv/1510.00533.

[5]  Dropbox/LandauerPresentation.pdf   (Summer 2014; 53 slides)
Landauer's Principle

“Landauer’s principle states that the energy cost to erase one bit of information by

[6]  Dropbox/QsepStateInQMIPne.pdf   (Winter 2014; 17 slides)
QSEP-State is in QMIPne

“The promise problem QSEP-STATE asks if a quantum state described by a circuit is close to a separable

[7]  Dropbox/Qsep-CircuitPresentation.pdf   (Summer 2013; 60 slides)

“QSEP-CIRCUIT, as defined in a recent paper by Patrick Hayden, Kevin Milner, and Mark Wilde (